"I'm open to learning
about different alternative healing modalities.
The more tools I have, the more I can help others."


My name is Mariann and I am a Reiki Master / Teacher in Frederick, Maryland. I grew up in Hungary, where I was a registered nurse. I worked as a medical assistant in the U.S for several years, but over time I became disenchanted with the impersonal -- and, at times, ineffective -- approach of Western medicine and the way it often treats people as other than whole human beings. In my search for alternatives, I've studied nutrition, herbs, Chinese medicine, Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, and much more.

I am glad that I discovered Reiki as I have found it to be spiritually fulfilling and emotionally healing. Over time I have become more centered and focused.

It was after I became a Reiki practitioner that I was introduced to crystal
healing. I noticed that use of stones and crystals complimented Reiki healing very well. The more I learned about stones, the more I wanted to find a way to incorporate their healing and metaphysical properties into daily life. I started making jewelry incorporating semi-precious stones and crystals so that people can benefit from their healing powers on the daily basis. I find jewelry making very relaxing and creative. You can see some of my jewelry, information on healing and metaphysical properties of crystals and minerals at www.healingcraft.com

I'm looking forward to meeting you through a Reiki session, a Reiki share or at one of my Reiki classes or Crystal workshops.

What our students and clients are saying about us:

"I really enjoyed my training with you. You made it simple and easy and enjoyable!"

- Lisa

"Mariann, the classes were great. It was wonderful to meet you and to learn so much (now I just have to practice!) in such a friendly and supportive way. Your kindness, openness, and generous spirit are inspiring! Thank you for everything!"

- Debbie

"I feel like I've received a profound gift, and I feel very blessed; I feel like you opened a gate for me and I'm very grateful to you."

- Marye

"What an amazing and gifted group of people . . . "when the student is ready, the teacher appears."

- Amy

"I felt better immediately. Received positive feedback. Looking forward to learning more."

- Edith

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